October's Minutes

Minutes from 15th October



Valery Ede (Chairperson) welcomed everyone to the group meeting and opened by discussing details to make the group self-sufficient. The group were given a start-up grant by Diabetes UK of £250 but that we need to be looking at ideas of how to fund ourselves. We also raised and agreed that a donation of 50p for tea and coffee would be introduced to help raise funds for refreshments.


Valery also requested that the group look at ways to promote the group and advertise what we are and when we meet, Sarah has ordered posters and leaflets for the group which should be available at the next group meeting.


As a group we will be looking to put a program of speakers for 2016 together with the dates of the group’s meetings and subjects and speakers. Sarah has attached a list of subjects that could be addressed during group meetings, if you could complete and return to Sarah, we can use your ideas to finalise a program for 2016. If there are other subjects you would like discussed please add these to the list.


Valery introduced Amber, a student from Cardiff Metropolitan University. Amber is studying for a Masters in Health Psychology, she is part of a team commissioned by Diabetes UK Cymru to produce a booklet called Advice for people newly diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes.  Amber reported that they are looking for a group of people living with type 2 diabetes to form a focus group to review the booklet and put forward recommendations and suggestions for the booklet.


A focus group will meet on Thursday 22nd October, unfortunately the church hall is already booked and as such the group will meet at Sarah’s house at 7pm. Amber is looking for at least 4 people to form the focus group and so if you would like to be part of this you would be very welcome to come along on the 22nd to Sarah’s.


We also had Anna Pennington from the National Exercise on Referral speaking at the group meeting. The Referral scheme has been running for 7 years in Newport. People are referred to them by any healthcare professional, exercise regimes are individualized to each person, the program runs for 16 weeks of, at least, 2 sessions a week. The scheme runs morning, afternoon and evening sessions to accommodate everyone, they also operate 7 days a week and is available for people with chronic illnesses such as COPD, Diabetes, Heart Disease etc. And the Exercise regimes are tailored to each condition. Which include aqua-mobility, circuits to name but a few, these include functional exercises such as help with joint problems getting in and out of a seat, tying shoe laces etc.

Anna also confirmed that this scheme crosses Authoritarian boundaries such as Newport, Torfaen and Caerphilly, if you are resident on one boundary but spend time in others you can “transfer” you regime.

Anna left information for the group and encouraged people to approach one of your healthcare professionals if you would like to be referred to this scheme.


With the cold weather approaching, we asked Anna if there was any specific exercises she could recommend for circulation in the lower limbs and feet, she confirmed flexing your feet to point your toes and then flexing them back upwards, making circles with your feet to rotate your ankles and toe squeezes all of which can help with circulation in your feet. She also recommended checking your shoes ensuring there is nothing to cause you pain that you may not normally feel with reduced sensation, also to wear warm or thermal socks to keep your feet warm.


The social aspect of the referral scheme is also very important and encouraged as we can motivate each other.


Anna stated the exercise is good for you if your diabetes is controlled. The correct level of exercise is gauged by reaching a slightly breathless stage, whether it be walking, cycling etc but the tip is to start gradually and only do what you are comfortable doing. The recommended amount of exercise to work up to is 150 minutes a week, in 30 minute stretches.


******* Please note this is a recommendation only and not to be attempted with no prior exercise, please work up to this level and not start at this level. *******


These are the minutes I will email and send out however for security I will be omitting my address when I upload these to our facebook page and website.


Upcoming dates:


November Group Meeting - 19th November – Guest Martin Davies from Martin Davies Chemist.


October 22nd, 1.30pm – 3.30pm at the Ringland Community Centre - Feedback session from people who have attended the X-pert program, we have been invited to hold an information table to promote our group.


October 23rd, 11am – 2pm, we have been invited to the Admiral Building in town to raise awareness of Diabetes and the group.


November 29th, 12pm – 3pm Pill Millennium Centre, Communities First Cluster Health Event, we have been invited to attend with an information table.



Sarah Gibbs – Secretary – 07743447331

Email: newportdiabetesukgroup@gmail.com

Website: www.newport.diabetesukgroup.org