November 16's Newsletter

November’s Newsletter

Hi Everyone and welcome to November’s Newsletter.

This month we welcome the South-East Wales Energy Advice Centre, Kirsty will be talking about ways to save energy and ultimately save money.

I have arranged with some surgeries to take an information table to their diabetic clinics, which means setting up in their waiting rooms to be on hand with lots of information about diabetes in general but also information about the group. So far I have Bryngwyn Surgery on 17th November from 9am – approximately 12pm and then the 24th November at Bellevue Surgery from 9am – approximately 3pm. If anyone is interested in talking to their GP surgeries I can provide you with booklets and information to take to the surgeries if you could spare a morning or afternoon to sit in the waiting rooms with information I would be very grateful.

I have already been into Ringland Health Centre and the table was well received, the GP conducting the reviews came and spoke to me before hand, I explained the information we had and he then recommended to everyone who went in to see him to stop at our table on their way out. Lots of information given out and a chance to promote the group.

We’ve also been asked to provide an information table at a Communities 1st event on the 30th November at Maindee Primary School 2pm – 5pm

In a change to our produced program in December’s meeting we will be having a bit of a social evening, with a quiz night and raffle. If you would like to donate anything towards the raffle it would be very gratefully received. But here is hoping for a fun evening. December’s meeting is Thursday 15th December. – See you there.