Minutes from the First AGM

Minutes of the Groups first AGM

Valery opened the AGM and welcomed everyone to the meeting.

In her statement she thanked Sarah for her work in arranging talks, and meetings. She talked about improving and expanding members of the group and ideas for this from members would be sort.

The group’s finances were discussed and the current balance of the account was declared to the group.

Sarah outlined the groups achievements and activities over the last 18 months.

Valery dissolved the current committee and the officer positions were opened to the group.

The wish of the group was that the previous committee be re-appointed with some extra positions. And the appointments are as follows:

Chair – Valery Ede

Treasurer – Ann Dodson

Assistant Treasure – Melvyn Waite

Secretary – Sarah Gibbs

Fundraising Officer – Steve Fletcher.

Maureen and Barbara expressed they would be willing to contact members of the groups who maybe had missed a few meetings to check they are okay and if there is anything the group can do.

Matters In Hand:

It was informed that the August group meeting would be held in the afternoon of the 18th August at the Newport RSPB Wetlands Reserve.

Funds for the group. It was proposed that the group charge a subscription on a monthly basis and in line with other groups that the members attend it was agreed a monthly subscription of £3 would be requested. The first group meeting would be free but following that a subs of £3 a month (£36 a year) would be requested from group members.

Group achievements: Our Inspire Award – A huge thank you to everyone who attends regularly as without the members of the group we wouldn’t have a group to meet at,

It was suggested that an email be sent 3-5 days prior to each meeting as a reminder of group night – Sarah will do her best to complete this but asks for the groups patience whilst she is moving house. (again!!)

The next group meeting is 15th September.