May 2018's Minutes

17th May Minutes

Hi everyone, here’s a quick rundown of everything I talked about at our meeting on the 17th May.

First of all Happy Birthday Group, we were 3 years old on the 17th, hasn’t it gone quickly. A huge thank you from you all for supporting us over the last 3 years and here’s hoping for many more years to come.

Over the last three years we’ve had talks from Martin Davies the pharmacist, the diabetic eye screening service, Sian Ward, a diabetic specialist nurse from Richmond House, Podiatry, Professor Evans, to name but a few, and for the last 3 years, I have been trying to get someone to come along to talk about coping strategies for living with a life long condition, I am pleased to say that for June’s meeting we have a lady called Sally Clements coming along from Newport MIND, to talk about coping strategies and also Diabetes Burnout so I hope you will all come along, it’s something that affects us all in one way or another so is very relevant for us all. I look forward to seeing you there.

So May’s meeting,

I spoke about the importance of gaining information and education about our condition and showed an example of an information prescription. They are available at ALL GP surgeries and there is a list of 8

Three core Information Prescriptions covering Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and HbA1c, these three focus on the three key health markers that influence someone’s risk of complications.

The remaining 5 are Mood, Keeping your kidneys healthy, Kidney disease, contraception and pregnancy and finally Feet. These are an A4 sheet that can be printed for you by your GP much the same way they print a medication prescription. They are up and running in every GP surgery so if you are not offered one, ASK!

Another really good tool is the Pocket Medic Videos, these can again be prescribed for you, but you can also find them on the Diabetes Research Unit Cymru website

or by visiting the Pocket Medic site. They are a series of short videos about 12-14 in each section and there are 4 sections


Type 1 Diabetes            

Type 2 Diabetes             

Gestational Diabetes     

These are excellent videos showing real patients with diabetes, they may even answer questions you didn’t know you had.


I look forward to seeing you all at our next meeting which is Thursday 21st June for the talk from MIND