June 2018's Minutes

June 2018’s Minutes

Hi Everyone and welcome to the minutes of June’s meeting

We welcomed Sally Clement in her role as a Wellbeing worker from Newport Mind.

Sally explained where Mind was in Newport, At the bottom of Commercial Street opposite Café First.

Mind is part of the Gwent Mental Health Consortium which was formed following a change in the funding stream from the government.

The Gwent Mental Health Consortium is made up of several organisations:

Growing Space – which helps people with CV’s, enhancing or developing IT skills and help and advice for careers.

Hafal – which used to be for carer’s but is now open to all

Newport Mind – The Mental Health Charity

Inside Out – Cymru is an arts and mental health charity delivering arts workshops and projects.

Mind delivers a wide range of help and support. Self-management, craft, art, creative writing Positive memories, Outreach 1-2-1 and the Blue light project.

The blue light project is for our emergency services and the overarching message of al of these arms of support is “its okay to not be okay” And the Blue light project helps members of the emergency services identify and recognize issues.

The receive referrals from and work together with GP’s, Community Mental Health Team, Newport City Homes, Charter Housing, and also self-referrals from anyone. The provide sessions for 11-24 year olds called Changing minds, a Kith and Kin group for 11-17 yr olds and their parents, with the young people having one meeting with their peers and their parents in another meeting supporting each other. Peer support is so important when it comes to mental health.

Other areas Mind can support in is, My Generation which is a 50+ course for anyone isolated or with low mood, it’s for 2 hours a week for 8 weeks.

They can also put you in touch with Community and carer connectors for the local councils. They also run workshops for organisations, and support the carer’s so supporting the people who support the people.

They also offer a Mental Health 1st Aid which delivers practical advice and support for 4 separate mental health conditions and raising awareness and a pause for thought to check in the moment to identify signs.

So what is mental health, Sally explained it as a fluid state that we all have which covers how we feel, behave, think and interact with others, and how we can identify signs in ourselves and others.

1 in 4 people are affected by poor mental health, 1-2 in 100 have a serious mental health condition such as bipolar disorder, psychosis and schizophrenia. Anxiety and Depression can affect 1 in 10 at any one time

Symptoms individually may be neglected however when more and more develop its sometimes easier to identify a cluster of them and sometimes that’s the first sign we recognize.

Sally defined stress as not being an illness but a state and in a prolonged and excessive state can be a precurser to depression and following on mental and physical illness may develop and triggers or causes for these maybe internal or external, so really the message is, it can happen to anyone, it may creep up a bit at a time and without getting help or support can manifest into physical symptoms.

I have included Sally’s powerpoint presentation with the email of these minutes, she covered a lot of information.

Just some points I took from this talk

  1. Remind yourself you are not alone
  2. Accept and name your feelings
  3. Do something everyday that does not involve your diabetes – you time
  4. Practice self-compassion – be kind to yourself
  5. Focus on the present – looking back you miss the details!

Sally also gave us 5 ways to wellbeing


  1. Connect  - Talk, listen, be there, be connected
  2. Give  -  Time, words, presence
  3. Take notice – Remember the simple things that give you joy
  4. Keep learning – Embrace new experiences, see opportunities, and surprise yourself
  5. Be active  -  Do what you can, enjoy what you do and move your mood

I hope this helps following on from Sally’s presentation. Diabetes Burnout is a recognized condition but please take on board this advice and talk to someone – anyone. You are not alone


Our next meeting is Thursday 19th July and will be our AGM Meeting – 7-8.30pm at the church hall of Ss Julius and Aaron, Heather Road.