July's Newsletter

Hello and welcome to the Newport Diabetes UK Support Group.


July is here already, with just under 24 hours until the children finish for the summer, here’s the last chance for a bit of peace and quiet before the rush!


Last month I asked what people wanted to know, what type of speakers you wanted. The top of the list was, that we wanted to know what all the numbers mean, Hb1Ac, blood glucose levels, what’s good what’s bad, so I’ve invited DSN Sian Ward from Richmond House to come and speak to give us an idea of what the numbers mean without getting number blind or tied down with figures.


The second part of the evening welcomes Ms Anna Pennington from the Exercise on Referral Program, she is going to talk on the importance of exercise in managing diabetes but also on the importance of maintaining good circulation in our lower legs and feet.


A really interesting evening this month I hope you’ll agree.


I have a new program from Diabetes UK to produce flyers to advertise our group meetings so I’ll be printing a few and sending them out attached to emails if you have contacts to send them on to please do so. If you know of places we can advertise please let me know so I can continue to spread the word.


Next month there is an upcoming event arranged by Communities 1st, a Health Awareness Event on the 20th August, 10:30am – 3pm, if you are interested in coming down and helping with the table of leaflets and talking to people with diabetes and promoting our group meetings too, then you would be most welcome, it’s going to be held in the fields adjacent to the Library and Community Centre in Ringland (Ringland Library, Ringland Centre, Newport NP19 9PS).


The 20th August is also the date of our next meeting 7pm – 8:30pm, I’m still working on a speaker for August but will let you know as and when we find a speaker.  For September’s meeting we have a local pharmacist Martin Davies from Martin Davies Chemists on Caerleon Road, coming to give us a talk, diabetes is a subject Martin is passionate about and I’m sure it will again be a great night.


Following last month’s talk by Dee Puckett, Dee is really keen to have our group feature in promoting the Living Well Living Longer program and wants to arrange for her and her film crew to come down to Newport to be interviewed on film, please, if you are interested in appearing on her film or just giving your views not on film, can you please let me know, we are looking at a provisional date of 6th August for filming but need to book it up ASAP.


Dee has taken a lot of our issues back to the health board following our last meeting and she reports that people are listening, I’ll keep you informed and up to date with any information as and when I hear.  In conjunction with this, I am still looking for interest in forming a Patient Reference Group for Newport, if you are interested in joining me to voice our issues directly to the health board please let me know. With a reference group we will get our voices heard.



Thank you for showing an interest in this group, we are here for you, please feel free to share your stories and make new friends.

A huge thank you goes to Sara Moran and Amie Phillips from Diabetes UK Cymru for helping in setting this group up, your support means a lot to us.

If you have any queries, questions or comments please see Sarah.


Group contact details:

Sarah Gibbs: 07743447331

Email: Newportdiabetesukgroup@gmail.com

Twitter: @NewportDiabetes

Facebook: www.facebook.com/NewportDiabetesUKGroup

Website: www.newport.diabetesukgroup.org