January 2018's Newsletter

January’s Newsletter


Happy 2018 Everyone. Here’s hoping for a great year.

All set for this year. This week we welcome Jenna Walker from Cardiff and Vale NHS Board, she is a pharmacist who is coming along to talk about the Yellow-card scheme with the NHS, which is a scheme about reporting side effects from medications, what to report and when to report and I am looking forward to hearing what she has to say.

Last month we had some great advice from Jo and Sue the Community DSN’s about managing Christmas and it’s something I put into practice with the advice of moderation and balance with exercise. We also had Lisa come along and gave us her carb spoon, plate and carbs and cals book. My spoon has been a godsend and makes things really easy for portion control but she’s coming back in February for our reviews and feedback.

I’ve been working on a program for the next year, hitting a few roadblocks but it is slowly coming together.

I’ve asked Health and Research Care, Wales to come along to talk to the group about public envolvement in research and are hoping to have them here in February or March, we have Rob Lee coming along in the next few months to talk about a new foot campaign which we are going to do some promotion around.

I have emailed all the GP Practice managers in Newport to ask if one of their GP’s would be willing to come along to the group to tell us about the GP process of diagnosis, however I’ve not yet had a single reply so I am keeping at it until we get one.

July’s meeting will be our AGM and I’m hoping we can find someone willing to take on organizing a Christmas Meal.

Any ideas on fundraising would be gratefully received too!

Looking forward to seeing you at our group night on the 18th Jan