February's Newsletter

February’s Newsletter

Hello Everyone and welcome to February’s newsletter, I must admit its a short one this month with not loads coming up and it makes up for the long minutes I sent out this week!

So this month we have Health and Care Research Wales coming along to talk about involving people. So who are they and who is this talk aimed at. Well good question, Barbara Moore in the Senior Manager for Public Involvement, she is coming along to talk about the important role the public have in aiding research. How many times have you thought, who did they ask, whose opinions are they including. Many researchers are encouraged to approach members of the public for their opinion on their research proposals, this is where Health and Care Research Wales’ Involving People Network come in.

I’ll not add more now and hope that you enjoy the talk on Thursday. Please note that this initiative is not exclusive to diabetes, so we would welcome anyone who would like to become involved in research for all sorts of conditions to come along.

We will be having a letter in the South Wales Argus this week inviting people to attend so hopefully we can get bums on seats!

I look forward to seeing you there