February's Minutes

February’s Minutes

Sarah welcomed everyone to January’s meeting and introduced our guest speaker Jayne Nicholls.

Jayne is a registered fitness instructor with the Fitness League and the Move it or Lose it exercise network.

Jayne confirmed that the Fitness League was derived from the Women’s League and but is now trying to reach out to everyone. The classes are open to all. The Move it or Lose it network is an exercise class specifically for older people or those with mobility problems.

Jayne took a small gentle exercise class with the group, gentle exercise that focuses on gentle movement and exercise for those who have limited movement so all the exercises can be completed from a chair.

Despite our preconceived ideas exercise is not all about getting sweaty and out of breath, these exercises are designed to increase the blood flow and circulation.

Our impromptu class featured arm exercises, shoulder shrugs, muscle stretches with a ball and with polystyrene batons, leg stretches and foot flexes, and with great music and conversation it was a real hit.

Jayne has details of her classes on the website www.moveitorloseit.co.uk, I also have her contact details if you would like to know more.

Sarah also outlined that the following weekend was the Diabetes UK Cymru Volunteer Conference and Inspire Awards at the Copthorne Hotel in Cardiff. As a group we were nominated for the Local Group and Community Inspire Award.

The Health Board “You Said, We Did” event was going to be held on the 29th February at the Christchurch Centre as a response to an event held 18 months prior. All welcome.

Just short minutes for this month, the program of events is now finalized and will be available at the group meeting in March and can be found on the website, Facebook and twitter.

March’s meeting will be 17th March, talk from Nicola Crowley from the Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Service for Wales (DRSSW).