December's Minutes

December’s Minutes

December saw us welcome Tone Gundersun, dietitian at The Royal Gwent.

Valery welcomed everyone to the meeting and introduced Tone, who came to give us some hints and tips of surviving Christmastime.

Tone started by giving out a quiz with questions to make us think about Christmas treats, the main point of the quiz was to remind us that it’s only a short period of time and no reason why a little of what you fancy was okay.

A big issue during the lead up to Christmas is Office parties and buffets, these can be a big trigger for hypers due to all the goodies on offer, Tone’s tip was to eat a healthy meal before you go so you would be less likely to “binge” on sweet stuff or not be able to keep track of the carbs you are eating.  Think about balancing items from the buffet, 2 Satsumas being 1 portion of your 5 a day, and maybe a healthier option than a mince pie!

Remember that excess alcohol intake can cause hypos so if you indulge try a carb loaded snack before bed to help prevent hypo.

After Christmas is not the time to panic and jump into crash diets, its not recommended because of the medication we may be taking, eating less may put us at a much higher risk of hypos.

So tips on surviving the actual day! Suggestions were a wholegrain cereal for breakfast, it ifs wholegrain and therefore less processed the body has to work harder to break it down and therefore it is better for you.

Be careful of hidden sugars, also labelled as sucrose, lactose, agave nectar, granda. All are sugars. In case of a “carb overload” maybe consider having your Christmas pudding a little in the day, after dinner a brisk walk to help with the breakdown of carbs.

And when you do have that pudding, think about single cream or low fat custard, both are the healthier options.

Christmas drinks are also not off the list, the whiter the drink better the alcohol content and better than the darker drinks which take longer to breakdown in the body.

We also talked about the X-pert program and we raised that it could possibly be a better preventative measure than a course for the diagnosed. Although it is a helpful structured educational course.

All in all the main message from Tone is that nothing is off limits and remember it is only one day of over indulgence so enjoy yourself.


Thank you Tone, I felt less guilty during Christmas Dinner knowing some of this.


And my apologies for not getting these minutes out before the big day!


Our next meeting is the first of 2016, Thursday 21st January, the plan for the meeting is to discuss the year ahead, working on a program, ideas for fundraising and maybe even fitting in a social or two!

Hope to see you there.

Happy New Year