A really productive All Wales Diabetes Patient Reference Group e-meeting today.

The top messages are that as we know Covid-19 is here, it is serious and how can we stay safe and minimise the chances of developing serious complications if we do develop the virus.


Gain advice from recognised sources, Public Health Wales, Welsh government, Local Health Boards, make sure your advice is from respected sources.


Follow your sick day rules



Managing your diabetes when you’re sick

Don't panic – contact your diabetes team who will help you if you have any queries or if you are unsure about what to do.

Keep taking your diabetes medications – even if you don't feel like eating. But there are some medicines that you shouldn’t take as much of or stop taking altogether. Make sure you talk to your diabetes team as soon as you’re feeling ill so they can give you the right advice.

If you check your blood sugar at home you'll probably need to do it more often – at least every four hours, including during the night. If you don't test your blood sugar levels at home, be aware of the signs of a hyper (hypergylcaemia).

Stay hydrated – have plenty of unsweetened drinks, and eat little and often.

If you have type 1 diabetes, check your ketones if your blood sugar level is high (generally 15mmol/l or more, or 13mmol/l if you use an insulin pump, but your team may have given you different targets). If ketones are present, contact your diabetes team.

If you take a certain type of diabetes tablet called SGLT2i and become unwell, you should stop taking these. You need to check your ketones and your blood sugars (if you've been told to do this and have the kit), and speak to your healthcare team. The brand names of these tablets are Forxiga, Invokana and Jardiance. Taking these tablets when you're not very well could increase your risk of developing diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA), so you need to know the symptoms to look out for.

Keep eating or drinking – if you can’t keep food down, try snacks or drinks with carbohydrates in to give you energy. Try to sip sugary drinks (such as fruit juice or non-diet cola or lemonade) or suck on glucose tablets or sweets like jelly beans. Letting fizzy drinks go flat may help keep them down. If you're vomiting, or not able to keep fluids down, get medical help as soon as possible.


The Diabetes Uk Cymru Office is available for any worried patients/carers on 02920 668276 for Wales specific advice or the Helpline on 0345 123 2399


Please remember that HYPO TREATMENTS are essentials for your shopping list and we will be formulating a list of essentials in the near future.


Pocket medic are a series of short films for people with Diabetes, they can be viewed from this link below


Most importantly please remember you are not alone, we are available on social media in various forms and forums if you want someone to talk to.


Stay safe, stay well, be kind to each other and I will update with future messages in due course.


Sarah :)