April 2017's Minutes

April’s Minutes

Better late than never guys, sorry for my tardiness but here is a quick overview of what happened in last month meeting.

We welcomes Claire Greenhouse from the British Red Cross, she came along with little resusie Annie and gave us a really useful course on First Aid, nice easy things that we can do if we are ever faced with an emergency, from recognizing the signs of a stroke, a heart attack, burns, falls and head injuries.

I have to admit although I am first aid trained I found this a really good refresher and learned that even if – for some reason – I can’t get on the floor I can still carry out chest compressions with my foot! It was a shock but was also an eye-opener and thinking about it, makes perfect sense!

We also had a visit from Lisa Banton, The Aneurin Bevan University Health Boards Media and Communications officer, who popped in to take some photos of the group to slot into a film I was asked to make about diabetes. Just over a week after the last group meeting my film went live on the Aneurin Bevan facebook page and their webpage. So if you want to have a look check out our facebook page (and if I can get it on there, our website page too!!) It’s also on YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NVZgwpBfOiw

So thank you for your patience while Lisa was wandering around taking photo’s but if you have a look at the video, it all came out really well. I had a great time making it and despite having the giggles at times, we did the whole thing in one take!!!

I was also pushing for votes for Sian Bodman for the Patients Choice Nurse of The Year Award. Voting closed on 28th April and the results were announced at a gala dinner on the 5th May, unfortunately Sian was not successful in winning the Nurse of the Year Award which went to a cancer care nurse. – Sian is obviously disappointed but very honoured to have been nominated and touched by all the people who voted for her, for which she passes on her sincere thanks.