AGM Minutes 2018

AGM Minutes 2018

Thursday 19th July was our 3rd AGM.

The meeting was opened and everyone thanked for attending

Chair’s Report

Steve expressed concern regarding numbers of attendants at the group meetings on a regular basis and that we must do more to swell numbers.

We also discussed subs, we request subs on a monthly basis at £3 which goes towards the running costs of the group, the hall rental is our only outgoing at present.

Treasurer’s Report

Valery reported that as a group we are having difficulty having names added and removed from the group bank account and as it is a group account that requires 2 from 3 signatories for withdrawls we are unable to access online banking. It has been suggested an alternate bank account opened and used as a running account. We are unsure if this is possible and Sarah will discuss it with Diabetes UK Cymru.

Valery also proposed the option to pay subs half yearly, yearly or monthly by bank transfer and as and when the group bank account issues are resolved we will provide details for those wishing to do so.

Gift aid was also raised and is something we will be looking into claiming back as a group.

Secretary’s Report

Sarah reported that the group has again had a busy year attending lots of events such as the 50+ information day and that we will be attending again this year with an information table but also a Know Your Risk Event.

Sarah’s full report is attached to these minutes for your information.

Steve dissolved the 2017/2018 Committee and members were asked to nominate on the officers of the committee. All officers were re-elected in their roles,

Steve Fletcher – Chair

Valery Ede – Treasurer

Sarah Gibbs – Secretary

Members of the group were also elected to the committee

Katie Fletcher and Sue Morrice were elected to sit on the committee, the date of the 1st committee meeting was set for 14th August

Matters arising and AOB

Group promotion and fundraising were the main topics for discussion.

Chris advised he would be willing to take cards advertising the group on his buses (Chris is a driver for Stagecoach buses). Sarah will re-order group business cards. Tracey also agreed to take cards for Lloyds Phamacies.

For fundraising the following were suggested

Bucket collections at events such as football/rubgy matches, approaching Chepstow Racecourse for permission to hold a bucket collection at a race meeting.

Quiz nights such as those held at the Lyceum Tavern Malpas Road were also suggested.

Nearly new or book sales were also suggested

Promotion of the group was suggested at the Big Cheese in Caerphilly, The Big Splash in Newport, Maindee Festival and Usk Show were also suggested for an information table and a presence to promote the group. – Sarah will take these on board and will approach each event to discuss these further.

Penny has written a number of Murder Mysteries, she explained how the event would be run and piqued everyone’s interest and we will be looking to find a venue to hold one of these evenings.

6th Form schools offer the Welsh Baccalaureate for which there is a section regarding local charities and work to be done by the students for them, Sarah will write to schools and offer up the group as one such charity to be considered.

During the meeting Sarah circulated a number of sheets asking for suggestions for talks to the group, thank you to all who completed them I will collate them and look to writing a program for next year.

Helen despite sending her apologies sent a suggestion regarding the format of each group night in that normally we invite our guest speaker to talk from 7-8, as some speakers sometimes over run we do not always get time to chat and share ideas, Helen has suggested that we set the hall out in a different format to allow us to sit and chat at one table before inviting the speaker to talk from 7:30, we have the hall rented for 7-9pm so we can look to find a layout that works best for group members – Thank you for your suggestion Helen.

The meeting was bought to a close with thanks to all attending and contributing to the evening.

Our next meeting is 16th August and we are hoping for a dentist to talk about the connection between diabetes and gum disease. We look forward to seeing you there