April 2020's Upcoming Meeting






We have today been advised by Diabetes UK regarding the current Coronavirus outbreak.


"The government advice of washing your hands with soap and warm water is still the best advice to guard against coronavirus, however we know that coronavirus can cause more severe complications in people with diabetes as well as in older people, and those with other long term conditions.


As a significant proportion of our members and volunteers in Local Groups fit into at least one of these groups, at higher risk of severe complications. In light of this, we are looking at activities carried by, or on behalf of, Diabetes UK and we are introducing temporary measures to:


1. Limit the formal gathering of people with diabetes where infection might be spread,

2. Limit activities that involve significant time spent in close contact with members of the general public, such as Know Your Risk events.




Impact on group meetings, events and Know Your Risk Activities.


As a result, and after very careful consideration, at this time we are requiring all Diabetes UK Local Groups to either cancel or postpone any group meetings, events, or Know Your Risk Activities that they currently have planned until at least 30th April 2020



We would love it if you came along to our April meeting on the 16th where we will be receiving a talk from John Leacy from Macmillan Cancer Support.

We look forward to seeing you there.